Roaming Pictures

5 Days 2 Ways 1 Camp


AEMP Elder Youth Camp
2012/13 I Feature Documentary I Panasonic HMC-150 I Community Documentary

In the summer of 2012, Elders and youth from five Aboriginal groups gathered together with scientists and researchers, on the shores of Lac de Gras, NT, to participate in the Aquatic Effects Monitoring Program put on by Diavik Diamond Mines Inc.  This Traditional Knowledge Camp was a vehicle for the five groups to contribute to aquatic monitoring.

Roaming Pictures trained youth from the the five Aboriginal groups prior to the camp to assist in the video and sound recording while Nilesh Patel provided overall direction for the film.  Over 6 months, and with community consultation, feedback, and approval Roaming Pictures edited and finished the film.  The communities were provided with both DVDs of the completed film and the raw footage for their future use.